Boiler Expertise - Herts Boilers

For St Albans, Harpenden, Radlett, Hemel Hempstead, Hatfield and West Hertfordshire

We are specialised in repairing the following boilers:

Vaillant / Glow Worm Boiler Repairs

Since 2012, we have been granted as "Vaillant Advance" installer (same as approved installer). For boiler installation Vaillant is always our favourite. We have a tracking record of Vaillant boilers installation. In 2014 we installed around 100 Vaillant boilers, the most favorite model is Vaillant ecoTEC 831 plus combi boiler.

We also look after a significant number of Vaillant boilers. In general we have around 1% failure rate in first three years among all Vaillant boilers installed by us.

Also we have been trained by Vaillant for their ecoTEC boiler repairs. We are specialised in repairing all types of Vaillant boilers, particularly in repairing modern ecoTEC series which were installed within last ten years. The typical problems from ecoTEC reange are F22, F75, F28 and F81/F91 on 937 model.

new In 2015 we were granted as a Vaillant masterTEC elite installer, the very top grade of the four Vaillant associated installer levels.

Worcester-Bosch Boiler Repairs

Worcester-Bosch is probably the most famous boiler manufacturer in the UK. They produce and sell more boilers than any of other competitors dose. Are their boilers really that good? No really in our opinion, they are good boilers, particularly good on marketing and customer after sale services, but not the best boilers on engineering! Since the Greenstar range we have felt Worcester boilers are bit over complicated, and over rated.

Having said Worcester current boilers are over complicated, it is sometimes not easy to repair their latest Worcester-Bosch Greenstar ranges. They are a market leader on boilers, we have to repair them. We took part in Worcester training and we are competent on Worcester boiler repairs.

Baxi / Potterton / Main Boiler Repairs

They were different companies, now it is one company, also included Remeha. They have long boiler manufacture history, and have a track record in boiler industry. Baxi group is still a leading boiler maker.

Their boilers are simple and made for purpose, easy to install and easy to maintain, particularly easy to repair.

Ideal Boiler Repairs

Ideal has a long history as a boiler manufacturer, but their reputation has been suffered from Isar/Icos boilers, manufactured from 2000 to 2011. Isar and Icos boilers are repairable, we were trained and have experience on them.

Ideal new ranges of boilers, Logic and Vogue series, are well made now, partially from the lessons learnt on Isar and Icos.

Keston Boiler Repairs

In city centres there are a significant number of Keston boiler installation. Keston is not a top boiler make, but as their boilers have a twin flue option, their boilers have been installed in flats for long.

The break down rate of Keston boiler is not low, it is costly to replace a Keston boiler with another make due to existing long flue run, so we have to repair Keston boilers in some cases.

Keston boilers are repairable, and their parts are available.

Maxol Boiler Repairs

Same as Keston, Maxol boilers are also found in tower blocks of city centres. They are compact with twin flues so most of them are situated in the centres of the flats. It isn't easy to replace them with new boilers due to long flue run.

Maxol boilers are also repairable, and their parts are available too.