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Herts Boilers offers a powerflush service in Hertfordshire. We use a Kamco CF30 powerflush machine, and all the chemicals are produced by Kamco, too.

Kamco (www.kamco.co.uk) is located in Park Street, St Albans. It is the number one powerflush company in the UK.

The term powerflush has been abused by some heating engineers!

PowerflushSome heating engineers struggle in their boiler and heating breakdown diagnoses, as such they are more installers rather than boiler repair engineers. Once they can't figure out what is wrong with the circulation in a heating system, they often revert to using a powerflush.

A circulation problem can be a bit complicated, perhaps caused by the boiler itself (diverter valve etc), by the circulation pump or by system design etc, but it is not necessarily always due to a sludge related blockage.

Should I have a powerflush?

In the mojority of cases, a heating system failure is only due to one factor, either the boiler, or a motorised valve or a pump etc. If someone says to you "We will do a powerflush first then we will go from there", it is likely he or she has no clue about your repair, so the guessing gase starts.

An assessment of powerflush requirements

Powerflush excusesAs we are a boiler and heating repair specialist, we will try our best to identify the real problem in your system. If it is in your boiler, we are in a better position to get it fixed.

In our experience, we have overturned more than half the powerflush suggestions of others, and we fixed the problems without powerflushes.

Powerflush on boilers

A blockage sometimes does happen inside the boiler, for instance, at main heat exchangers, at the diverter valves or at the hot water heat exchangers.

Once we do a powerflush, we will also flush the boiler, in this way we get both the external pipes / radiators and the internal hydraulic path of the boiler cleaned.

No fix no fee for our powerflush service

We are a boiler and heating repair specialist. After a powerflush, we will also inspect, and repair if necessary, the boiler and heating system. Unless stated otherwise, we will extend our powerflush service to correct some underlying defects without any extra charges.

During each powerflush, we will also: 1. clean the head cistern in the loft and its cold feed pipe. 2. flush each radiator, by closing all others.

We always offer a "No fix no fee" policy, even on powerflush services. Our powerflush price is from £650.

Warranty on our powerflush service

We give a one-year warranty on all of our powerflush service. A powerflush certificate is also provided if required - for example, for insurance purpose.